Not just art, but everything that is beauty, culture in support of the social...

The collection

Not just art, but everything that is beautyculture in support of the social, much more than a slogan... this is the mission, the pillar that supports the aims and motivates the objectives of the Fondazione Mazzoleni.
In a work of art it is the set of colors that "give life" to emotions and when materials and brushes give way to the power of thought and ideas of people who share the same values ​​and the same purposes, ambitious projects are born as ArtOnBag Collection wants to be.
The pandemic has imposed new rules and the world of art has been among the most penalized: the impossibility of organizing exhibitions, exhibitions and cultural events today denies us the pleasure of appreciating a work, of relating with the artist, of confronting ourselves , to make new acquaintances and share emotions; it deprived us of the essence, because a work of art, like a person, has an aura that can only be perceived physically, by touching it, listening to it and looking at it!

We will print works * of emerging artists and established authors in limited editions on the bags.Once worn, the bags will become real "traveling exhibitions" and, one day, we will be able to hang them on a wall, bringing the printed work back to its origin, in a new, unusual but "innovative" form, with an invisible, secret frame. made of daily emotions and visible only to those who have experienced them! The mission of Art on Bag Collection reaffirms the values ​​and objectives of the Mazzoleni Foundation: simplicity, innovation, eco-sustainability, enhancement of artists, we have planned to dedicate part of the proceeds to scholarships for young and promising artists and to social support.

The bags will be in eco-sustainable materials,the printing will be digital with water colors, all the seal and stitching application processes are carried out in Italy;we will be the first "case history" of a certified and authentic Bag using a patented system combined with a "Seal" which will make our Bags non-counterfeit and which, when interrogated by simply approaching a mobile phone, it is possible to obtain information on the ARTonBAG project, and the artist! I The pieces will also be identifiable over time and numbered for each individual collection, the system will allow to certify the ownership once registered and the owner of the bag will have his own pin and password to act within the reserved area on the site or the MyUniqo App.

Retail price € 90

Bag description

The bag measures 45 x 36 x 15 cm and is made of natural materials: raw jute with application of raw cotton handles.

The print is digitally made using water colors applied on the raw fabric called Canvas, the fabric is hand-sewn on the front of the bag using raw cotton thread colored according to the collection.

The peculiarity of the Bag in addition to its total eco-sustainability is the uniqueness and authenticity guaranteed by the Myuniqo & Garanteasy "Seal" which is equivalent to a fingerprint and is applied indelibly on the back of the image at the height of the ARTonBAG logo. ARTonBAG.
Bringing a recent generation smartphone close to the logo you will get all the information on the bag such as the description of the printed work, the author, images and videos and ask the system for authenticity and, once purchased, the first case on the market, register the ownership system forever and this will guarantee the value of the limited edition collection bag over time.

Technical notes

1. Jute bags and the image printed on raw canvas are generally water resistant, but excessive exposure to moisture can ruin them, if accidentally water falls on the canvas, immediately dab with a soft, dry cloth before the water is absorbed.

2. Direct exposure to sunlight for long periods of time can cause irreparable damage to the print, as far as possible avoid leaving it in places where it receives direct sunlight for several hours during the day, water colors are generally resistant, but the canvas is less so and prolonged exposures produce a progressive loss of brilliance of the colors and the canvas.

3. The bag and print are made of materials that can be damaged by excess heat or moisture, it is recommended to store the bags in dry places and do not hang it over stoves, in small bathrooms, basements and similar environments which tend to create or maintain moisture.

4. To clean the bag, simply take a soft cloth and wipe it gently over the surface of the canvas, taking care not to apply too much pressure; by doing this at regular intervals over time, you are guaranteed to keep its original splendor; it is advisable to avoid folding it several times by subjecting it to weights, the printed canvas may show folds that are difficult to absorb and the canvas and the colors cannot be ironed or washed in any way.

5. Avoid the use of chemicals, detergents or perfumes, the canvas bag is as if it were an original work of art.

Certification, discover MyUniqo!

The latest IOS and ANDROID cell phone models detect Myuniqo simply by bringing the turned-on cell phone close to the ARTonBAG Logo.

In older models is possible that the reading of Myuniqo is not automatic, in these cases you must download from the store an App that detects the Rfid seal present. It is then necessary to activate geolocation. Once the cell phone is close to the ARTonBAG logo, the Myuniqo system will open the pages from which the information about the bag, the artist and the project can be found. It is possible to ask for the authenticity of the Bag through the blue button "verify" and after having purchased the Bag register the ownership of the Bag recognized in a unique way by the Myuniqo system using the yellow button "register your purchase". At the time of registration the system will ask for proof of purchase represented by the receipt, the invoice or the seller's statement, once submitted the Myuniqo system will communicate to the owner the confirmation of the operation and the customer can create his secret credentials and from that moment on will demonstrate the ownership of the bag from the private area on the site or from the Myuniqo App. It will be possible to report and record the loss or subtraction of the bag, as well as, in case of sale, transfer the ownership of the asset.


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