“DUBAI Collection”

DAVID by Massimo Pennacchini

Mixed media on wood, height 50 cm, length 50 cm, year 2020

Notes about the work:

Michelangelo’s David is the iconic image of beauty. Massimo Pennacchini with his work by him reveals the intimate interconnection between past and present, expressing the awareness that time is an expanded present. This fusion is represented by the artist with originality and courage in “profaning” even an icon such as Michelangelo’s David, an immortal face surrounded by the transience of the flowers that invade the space around the figure that loses part of its identity by absorbing the colors and the images of the world around him: eternity and weakness of things!


Quale migliore occasione dell’Esposizione Universale 2020, che si terrà a Dubai dal 1° ottobre 2021 al 31 marzo 2022 (rinviata di un anno a causa della Pandemia) dal titolo: “Connecting minds, creating the future”

The Italian pavilion will have the title: beauty unites people.

At the center of the Italian pavilion will be placed the life-size copy of Michelangelo’s David who will be the Italian Ambassador to “EXPO 2020 DUBAI”.

Notes about the artist:

Massimo Pennacchini is an artist who had the honesty to undertake the difficult path that leads to contemporary figurative painting, an area in which it is possible to weigh and evaluate, for better or for worse, the criteria of competence and artistic ability.