“#Me Too Collection”

Respect by Mirella Scotton

Oil on canvas, height 120 cm and width 100 cm

Notes about the work:

“When I painted Respect, I imagined condensing the feelings that have stirred a woman’s heart and mind since she was a girl. The work represents the metaphor of life and summarizes the soul with which women are … or rather … we are obliged to face it. While I was painting I appropriated, stroke by stroke, the strength that every woman has within her, the message had to communicate that strength and values are in the DNA of every woman and just pull them out. Gloves represent the good spirit of sport, they make the action gentle in some ways, but also determined! The figure of a woman is deliberately of a young woman because the preparation to face life must be “trained” as soon as possible! The blow is struck against an invisible opponent who, alas, has a specific name for every woman… a sort of ghost to be hit and made to disappear, forever!

Bag Number 3 is dedicated to the “#MeToo women defense movement”

Violence against women represents a violation of human rights of global importance, the #MeToo movement brings together all the organizations and associations that fight to raise public awareness and help the victims of discrimination, abuse and violence. The educational message that must pass is never to accept inequality and discrimination and to always expect mutual respect. The bag contains a strong and clear message, a gift for a mother, a friend, a daughter.

Notes about the author:

Mirella Scotton, a Venetian painter, started drawing portraits in pencil from a very young age, starting almost immediately with oil painting. You have cultivated a passion for the history of art, finding reasons for reflection and in-depth analysis.