“Renaissance Collection”

"So fantastic it will be" by Paolo Franzoso

Mixed media height 98 cm and width 155 cm, year 2020

Notes on artwork:

"So fantastic it will be" sums up in a single image how magnificent Italy has given to the world! The message proposed is to emphasize and enclose Italian art in the world in a single stroke, recalling the most famous works and places that have marked the history and the Italian art school. It was created at the beginning of 2020 and then donated to the Mazzoleni Foundation on the occasion of the "Italian Renaissance" group exhibition. The "Italian Renaissance" group exhibition organized with the aim of highlighting art and serving as a showcase for artists in a time of economic crisis and tensions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. "So fantastic it will be" was the icon of the entire advertising campaign of the event and helped to launch a strong message of restart in support of Italian art.

Bag Number 1 dedicated to resilience and courage "The new Renaissance"

Resilience and courage are essential qualities to restart with new values that allow you to regain the life of relationships and freedom of movement with the prospect of a renewed world, more ethical and attentive to others.

The New Italian and World Renaissance

The chosen work is by Paolo Franzoso, "So fantastic it will be", donated by the artist to the Mazzoleni Foundation again in the spring of 2020, as the most representative image to launch a message of good luck and rebirth for our extraordinary country, for everything the world is consistent for the launch of ARTonBAG

Curiosities about the artist:

Paolo Franzoso “I take notes from past stories to draw a new one that is even more beautiful”. Born in Chioggia in the province of Venice and raised in the fervent Bolognese climate, in a family particularly close to the arts and philosophy, from an early age he cultivated, with curiosity and a spirit of innovation, a passion for beauty, nature and music.